David Choe’s Yellow Armor Print Giveaway Yields 1000+ Entries


Since a lot of you saw it here, we’ll post what he said about the entries: “Hey Kids thanks for playing! It’s 5am in new York I just got a call from Bobby Namba saying We got over a thousand submissions all around the Same time , I gotta be honest even though everyone loves free shit (and let’s be honest this wasn’t entirely free i did ask for a tiny piece of your soul ) I didn’t think so many people would come through with my requests, and actually alot of you didn’t , all the ones that didn’t follow instructions or wrote me “hey dave choi I love your art dude I’m Your biggest fan send my free print to …” without completing any of the redemptive good deed tasks, were thrown out … if you did what I asked and got it in with the quickness to the first 111 people, you will get something nice from me soon (if you bitch or complain about anything to me or Bobby, your print is getting reneged remember that some stranger did something nice for you and spread the love assholes :)