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Case 2 is a smaller one that's near the entrance of the Giant Robot Installation at the Japanese American National Museum Biennale 4. I'll try and explain what everything is.  From upper left: 1. Yoskay Yamamoto made a pewter version of his Astroboy head. It's super heavy and limited. It's a great piece. I have a red one as well which has a different shape. When I got burglarized at home, the thief took the red Astroboy out of the velvet bag and left it. I wonder what he thought it was.  2. Black and white photo is of myself and Martin Wong at a zine fest in Seattle in the 90s.  3. Souther Salazar Post it Show art piece....

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Ten Reasons Why Designer Con is the Best Convention

Dean Gojobori and Sean Chao at the GR Booth Giant Robot has shown at a variety of conventions for two decades. I might be disavowing previous joyous occasions by saying Designer-Con is the best of them all. Surely, many are busier including the grandfather of all conventions, San Diego Comic Con, but none have the passion and joy that comes with Designer-Con. (see the Full Photo Set from Designer Con) Uamou Booth at D-Con   Here are Ten Reasons why Designer Con is the Best 1) The name, Designer Con, began representing the "Designer toy" scene, but has smartly opened it's doors to "designers" of many types of objects. It's the premier "indie" creator event that's geared towards art, toys, figures, and plush. There...

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