Balconi Makes it in LA Weekly Top Five Coffee in LA

LA Weekly blog mentions top 5 coffees in LA. Two are in the Sawtelle area of Giant Robot Stores and gr/eats make the list. Balconi is at number 2 and Cafe Tomo is at number 4. I’ll admit that the coffee at Balconi is a step up, but Tomo does make an infamous pretzel. But the last time I checked, coffee isn’t a pretzel and just because you roast in house doesn’t mean your coffee will be better or fresher. Coffee, post roasting needs to sit. That said, try Balconi Coffee since it’s according to this writer, number 2 in LA and then go to Giant Robot and check out gr/eats. If you want that pretzel, go to Tomo. If you want anything else, come see us. Thanks! (LA Weekly – Top 5 Coffee)

That’s Ray Sato, below, the subject of the Giant Robot Artist Series Video. Ray is the nicest guy around, mechanically inclined, and operates his shop like it’s a chemistry lab. He once said, “it’s like experiments.” If you like your coffee black, then try Balconi, and NEVER be afraid to ask questions about coffee. This isn’t that type of place that frowns upon a new coffee drinker. There’s no wifi, but there is a book collection and some GR magazines sitting around.