China Divorce Settlement: Whoever Buys it Keeps it

Who pays for the house, keeps the house. When a divorce happens in China, guess who keeps the house? It’s whoever buys it. Of course it favors the men who are often the money maker especially in a patriarcal society, and what about the support, upkeep, household work, etc? Down the drain. It doesn’t count. The Telegraph article states, “A major reason why the new law is regarded as unjust by most women is that in China men, or their parents, traditionally buy the family home. Indeed, many women will refuse to marry until that happens.” The social norms of women’s family paying for the marriage, but the men’s side paying for the house, favors the male.

The law also favors men who want mistresses. “”They think the new law means their husband can take a mistress without anything happening to him, because if the wife threatens him with a divorce he will get to keep the house. Even women in good marriages are suspicious and calling us about the implications of the new law.”” (Telegraph UK – China Divorce)