Javan Rhino Now Extinct in Vietnam 40-60 left in World

The Javan Rhino has left the building in Vietnam. The last two lived in the Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam. It’s so national, that the Javan Rhinos become easier targets. Why not hunt for animals while they’re in a zoo? This isn’t quite the same, but basically you know where they’ll be at. Last year a poacher killed one, and since then, there’s been so sightings of either a rhino or it’s feces. The positive note, it’s not extinct. There’s 40 – 60 more in Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia. Let’s hope they don’t get clipped by poachers. The horn is worth tens of thousands per pound, and with salaries that are much less than that, it’s easy cash. (Washington Post – Vietnam)