Ryuichi Sakamoto Explained

A concert took place at the Hollywood Bowl with headliners Yellow Magic Orchestra or YMO. Much of the crowd were into Japanese culture, but surely had no idea who they were. Granted, openers like Cibo Matto or Towa Tei at the DJ tables, or even Buffalo Daughter may have clued people in, but did they know that YMO is a huge part of music history in Japan? Ryuichi Sakamoto was the front man of the band, Cornelius was an unnamed session guitar player, Haruomi Hosono, another legend, also in the band. Guessing that most probably didn’t know this. The show still went off well, people liked the music, and Yoko Ono did her best to ruin the evening.



Yet Ryuichi Sakamoto, known for his electronics and bending sound is now going on an acoustic tour including piano, violin and a cello. His reasoning has more to do with getting back to the basics after 311. He ties the simplicity to the post and pre 311 problems to people’s isolation in Japan, including Hikikomori, a large group who never leave their homes. (Telegraph UK – Ryuichi Sakamoto)