Ear Cleaning in Japan is More Than Just Cleaning

In most places, it’s suggested you don’t put anything in your ears. No Q-Tips or Cones included. You let the wax built up and ignore it until you go to a doctor once every year or less. Perhaps some of the wax falls out naturally, but on the contrary some clean their ears near daily. That happens in Japan. Ear cleaning is a home activity, it’s near routine. Shop in a variety store and you’ll find an ear cleaning section. Peruse that and you’ll see numerous tools that scrape the inside of your ear. It can’t be that bad.

There are also salons which popped up years ago. Often advertising with a sandwich board, there are often on second floors and boast ear cleaning. It’s not just that, it’s a Freudian type of situation where a man lays their head onto a female’s lap (echoing the mommy thing), and gets his ear cleaned. It costs about $35 and these salons have flourished. The happy ending isn’t exactly sexual, but you do come out lighter – just less wax. (AFP – Wax)
Which one looks like mommy? You can pick your ear cleaning technician and put your head on her lap.