Tamlyn Tomita – HIFF Judging

After 25 years of Karate Kid, Tamlyn Tomita is one of the judges with me at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and she looks great. Yes, it’s part of her job to be toned, slim, and ready to be in movies. She’s part of a Karate Kid II program that takes place tonite which was mostly shot in Hawaii which depicted Okinawa. Time flies is all we can say about it. Tonite, she’ll introduce the film. With Nathaniel Kohn, we deliberated the best feature film while we stared at the sun setting below. It wasn’t easy and we considered each film one at a time. It’s interesting to be part of this group since each of us comes from a different background. “Nate” runs the Ebert Film Festival, and is heavily vested and involved in cinema everywhere. He understands the art and mechanics of filmmaking. Tamlyn of course watches performance quite well, and hopefully for myself, it’s a little of everything.

Those are people’s heads in the infinity pool.

At left is Nathaniel Kohn from the Ebert Film Festival.