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Janet Liang is now in Houston getting medical treatment. Hopefully the famous quote, “Houston, We have a Problem” will be nothing but a joke since Janet and her strong spirit has just arrived. Her Leukemia is at 82% of her body, she has a 30% chance of survival, and she intends to be in Texas for the next six months recovering. (janetliang blog)She’s a busy one and there’s a concert coming up in her honor and also to raise funds. It’s Perfect 10 Concert that’s taking place in LA. The money goes to Janet’s medical bills and if you want to help her but are far away, there is a paypal link at the bottom of her home page at It’s not a Kickstarter to make something later, this is a plea for here and now.     Ironically, today I opened up my mail from saturday and this was in my small pile of packages and junk. It’s from the National Marrow Donor Program. It turns out, I’m a preliminary match for someone out there. It’s probably not Janet, or is it? The chances are slim that I’ll actually be a match for anyone since that’s just how the odds work, but it’s timely that this comes in the mail. Is it a sign of anything? I hope so. If you look at the date, I joined in 1990. I saw a small mention of a donor drive happening near my house. A Japanese American man needed marrow. I had no idea who he was, but I decided to show up and give it a try. At the time, they drew blood and that was how it worked (Now it’s cheek swabs that you can do yourself). Having not donated blood, it was a little uneasy even if it was the quantity of a nosebleed. The folks there offered me a piece of cake and cookies and were amazed that I showed up without knowing the person. In 1991 I received a similar notice as below, and nothing happened after going in for a further blood test. Now 22 years later, here’s my second time around. I hope I can help.     That’s Janet, Jane Lui and Tamlyn Tomita at Giant Robot 2.
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Goh Nakamura and Jane Lui played quietly and nicely at GR2. Aside from the great sets by both, GR2 was visited by the folks. You’ve seen her viral video, and Janet Liang needs your help. The exhibition of music went from sounds and a captive audience to getting involved in being involved in trying to help others. The end of the show became a bone marrow drive! Below, Goh Nakamura plays his set among dragons!



Jane Lui plays to a nice crowd of at least 30, who sat on the old shelves that are now benches!


Star citing: Janet Liang, Jane Lui and Tamlyn Tomita

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In 1986, a wire thin Ralph Macchio was cast again as karate champ “Danny” in Karate Kid 2. This time, he leaves the San Fernando Valley and travels to Japan with his Karate sensei, “Miyagi” played by Pat Morita. Miyagi needs to visit his dying father. Meanwhile there’s drama between he and his old rival friend, but stealing scenes is Danny’s hot female love interest, Kumiko portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita in her acting debut.



At the time, young Asian American female leads were scarce and Tamlyn Tomita became the woman by which many Asian American females were gauged. She was the crush of kids everywhere and 25 years later is quietly celebrating her debuts 25th anniversary. Only the Hawaii International Film Festival screened Karate Kid 2 and invited Tomita to the islands, and that’s where I caught up with her. In her Halekulani hotel suite, I got to sit down with Tomita to ask her every question I had boiling for the last two and half decades.

There’s a joke in my family that when Tamlyn Tomita’s name ever gets brought up, I’m quickly hovering the conversation. Crushes can run for decades.


Here’s a few memorable quotes:

On Karate Kid 2, “Changed by Freakin Life.”

“25 years ago I was known as the Karate Kid Girl, and now I’m known as the Glee mom. If you want any more evidence that 25 years have passed, there you go.”

“I look at a person, ok this one probably in his 40s I’ll refer to Karate Kid, if it’s a woman 25-40 I’ll say Joy Luck Club. If it’s a young teenager, it’s Glee.”

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