Japanese Artificial Hymen to the Rescue

There are still people and places in the world that demand a wife to be a virgin. In some of these places, women get pummeled or outcasted if they’re not. What happens if you “did it” on a drunken stupor, or worse yet what if “it” was taken from you. It’s really not a joking matter in the latter, but at the same time, this product is either the most ridiculous thing or it’ll save lives and to many and could be the most important thing. Aside from what could be a pricey, difficult, painful, or just impossible operation, this little device might be the “fixit” ticket or for some, a “get out of jail free card.” Of course leave it to Japan. This product called Joan of Arc (2 in a box), is an artificial hymen.

The box graphics are insane. A broken window, perhaps a BB gun shot that broke the plane. This is a device that you insert, leave in, and when the “moment” happens it basically squirts blood. Yes you’re supposed to fake the pain, or whatever comes with it. But two in a box? That’s bordering cosplay. According to Chinahush.com, people in the Middle East do use it. Their instructions on how to use it read like the side of a box in a foreign country. You’re not sure what to believe. (Chinahush – Joan of Arc)