LEGO CUUSOO – Crowd Sourcing for Designs – And Get Paid!

Imagine when you create that special sculpture using LEGO and it’s yours. It’s one of a kind. Now since LEGO is starting to crowd source for special editions, your creation can get made and guess what? You get 1% of the net profit, which means, you can get paid to lay brick. You need 10,000 votes and then it happens, it’s in. 10,000? I’m sure the piece below which at this moment has something under 100 votes will definitely gain the 10,000. Can’t you hear Doc look at his watch and say, “DAMN!”? Maybe there’s issues with Hollywood, but who knows. LEGO CUUSOO


Here’s their video:



See more projects below!

Already chosen is Hayabusa, the satellite. It’s the second in line.



First is this submarine. Shinkai 6500! It’s about $55.


The Love Boat? This one is going to cost. We’d think just the Isaac figure would be good enough.