Red Dawn Remake Now Featuring North Koreans

Remember this movie? Red Dawn was a huge movie back in 1984. Check out the photos below of Swayze, Howell, and Sheen. It was recently remade but not released. MGM went bankrupt, but here’s the big problem. In the two years since it was shot, China has emerged into a Mega Gigantic Superpower from it’s merely Gigantic Superpower status. Who were the foes in Red Dawn 2 – The Chinese Invasion?

What film company wants to piss off China in any way? No one. Who wants to kiss their ass? Everyone. Who was peeing in their pants? The new cast of Red Dawn 2, the director, the releasing company, and the studio.

Who are these guys below? The new cast. Guess who their new enemy is? It’s North Korea. Red Dawn is now said to be digitally altered from being Chinese to North Korea. Imagine… if they were trying to change it from Chinese to Libyans? Or Canadians to North Koreans. Or Mexico to Mongolians?  (LA Times – Red Dawn Remake)