Still Hasn’t Found What She’s Looking For – A Husband

She might have climbed the highest mountains. She definitely ran through some fields. Scaled city walls? Yes. This woman, Feng Luoyu is now 27 but just a couple of years ago, used this photo to search for a husband. She created advertisements the size of street marketing movie posters and had them up. She became the William Hung of China. She’s under five foot tall is/was a cashier, but is seeking a 5’9-6’0 tall man, the dude basically has to be making some cash, has no kids… she is now looking for this man in Brooklyn. The article states that the dude can now have an Ivy League degree. Any takers? Towering Asian Americans who graduated from and Ivy League school, this is your time… (Dailymail – Feng Luoyu)