The Northern Lights – Southbound

It was a few years ago when I saw the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. I was flying back to the US from London and the pilot called it out on the loud speaker. Of course, only one side of the plane had a good view of it, and I jumped at the chance to see it. It’s not quite the same seeing it from high above and out of a limiting oval window, rather than bundling up and watching the sky’s theater from a lawn chair. Feeling the open air rather than recirculating snore breath has to make a difference. In a plane, you’re stuck with the loud engine turbines spinning, but on Earth, you’ll hear the nature around you. Yes I saw the Northern Lights, but I didn’t get to experience it. Perhaps one day, I’ll make it up, or perhaps it’ll make it down.

For some of you Northern Americans, you may have a chance to see it in the next few days. There’s some type of irregularity or should I just say “natural occurrence” that’s creating a much Southern aurora. Take a pic and show it to us! (LA Times – Aurora)