Random Task Will be Serving Life in Prison

Random Task from Austin Powers is now behind bars for life for a torture (rape), sodomy and more. This man was an MMA freak show very early on in the game, and looked to have found a career as a character extra. His accomplice took a plea and is serving 17 years, but this man… is in for life. This man is a comical freak and we’ll see how he does in prison. We can’t say, “what a waste of talent,” but he’s now set for what he did. Imagine, he also used to act like a preacher (perhaps he really was one) and would walk out with a cross in his MMA matches. (LA Times – Joe Son) Want to see one of the most horrifying videos of Joe Son wearing a thong and dancing as part of his MMA intro in Japan? It’s here. You’ll laugh and gag.