B.D. Wong Profiled

B.D. Wong plays George Huang, the nuts and bolts psychologist for the show, Law and Order Special Victims Unit. He breaks down the motivations of the sick and perverted and figures out why they commit a crime in order to catch them. Sometimes he even helps out the folks on his own force. It’s amazing in this day and age that there’s a stigma to getting help from a guy like Huang. It means your mind is weak or you’re a wimp, but in the end, he’s there help. Yes, Huang is just a figment of a writer’s imagination, but B.D. does play it like a champ. He’s no computer whiz, but he also doesn’t get to hoist a gun, he’s sort of in the middle, helping battling crime with his intellect. Perhaps one day a show with a character like him will work, but for now, there’s no way. Guns win. (cmcforum – B.D. Wong)