The Eyes of Asia – Slanted and Enchanted

Yes it’s slanted, yes people have spent a little too much time trying to make them bigger, but is it finally coming full circle? In what generation was the slanty eyes bad? Perhaps the bad started when media arrived and Asia was getting opened up for “differences” to be pointed out. We’re talking over 100 years ago or maybe 200 when the exchange began. Racism, self hatred, and media. What’s beautiful? Thin eyes or the round eyes? (Gothamist – Slant) points out that in Fashion Week, it’s the slanty eyes. Taping them to make them thin. Fashion either fails miserably or prognosticates what’s to come. This looks like a long shot. Taping them to have thinner eyes. Reverse eye jobs? It’s not quite happening just yet in masse.

CNN and Tyra had Martin Wong on the show to talk about the round eye surgeries. Here’s one older report (CNN – Eye Surgery Video)