Linkin Park and B’z Benefit for Japan


file photo of Joe Hahn, Linkin Park being carted to a stage

What do bands do for disasters? They play Live Aid or Farm Aid or even make an album called Hearin’ Aid. Yet, the two bands, Linkin Park and B’z did something different, they crowd sourced money for donations. They asked people to round up money $500 per person (and they could get it from others as well) and they’d play a show to a small crowd which numbered 1000 people and raised reportedly $350,000. Some of you might think that’s nothing for a band that can make millions… yet imagine a show, their shows requires an army to work it, which includes transport, flights, and tons of back room coordination from the suits. There’s PR and more. Imagine, 350k is just the crowd sourcing, but their expenses might be another 100k or more and then there’s the band B’z from Japan. That said, 350k is great for an intimate show and the recovery goes on. (Mainichi – Linkin Park)