Podcast – Actress Lynn Chen

Lynn Chen shows up casually in a hoody with earbuds in at the Larchmont Bungalow cafe. Her hair is straight and long and she’s her normal friendly self. I first saw Chen opposite Michelle Krusiec in Saving Face, a Sony Pictures Classics feature film in 2005. A huge indie that was grasped by Asian American, LGBT, and indie film fans everywhere.



She got an earlier start in Law and Order and and All My Children before her move to the west coast. Since then, she’s consistently worked in both films in “the industry” including indies like White on Rice, People I Slept With and Surrogate Valentine. Chen’s also writer and started a food blog, the Actors Diet to address her past eating disorder. She also does one at thickdumplingskin.com

It’s a saturday morning and she assures me that she needs to be home by 12 since she’s going to the Asian Eastside for shave ice and Taiwanese breakfast. We meet early and find a quiet place to conduct a “podcast”.

Podcast intro music by Goh Nakamura