Another year comes to an end and a new one begins today. For me, it’s only 24 hours of time, 18 or 19 of it was awake. Aside from the lack of sleep, this happens every day with most everyone. It was my birthday on August 15th. It’s just like any other day, and the value of that day is whatever you make it. For some, it’s a gigantic day of celebration filled with every friend and acquaintance showing up at a bar. For me, it’s almost a regular day. I don’t really talk about it ahead of time. If someone remembers it, then that’s great. If not, that’s okay too.

I was told, “I hope you’re not working.”

I did.

I got some, “hope you’re having a special day.”

It’s either that every day is special, or they’re mostly boring with some highlights. I’m thinking the former sounds better to live with even if the reality is the latter.

I’m used to my birthdays being quiet and ultimately they still are, except with the aid of Facebook, my birthday is virtually as loud as can be. Hundreds post on my page wishing me a happy birthday, almost all of who don’t know me at all. Friends who do forget, get reminded and then it’s texts, emails, and even some crank calls. A meal or two or three will happen and that’s great. It’s my special day that ends up being just like the many others. Yes, they’re all decent for the most part, except I got a lot more attention. Thanks for that.