There’s a Japan-Korea Cyber War Looming on August 15th

Forget that lunatic Oakland preacher’s new deadline for the Rapture; the cyber doom of both Japan and South Korea may be this Monday! Yes, apparently South Korean internet users are using the occasion of Gwangbokjeol, the holiday which celebrates Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial rule, to implement a massive attack against Japanese websites which say unfavorable or damaging things about South Koreans and their country. (Wait, didn’t we just report a story about tensions between Japan and Korea? Oh yeah, that was yesterday, when the controversy was about too many Korean dramas on Japanese TV.) Anyway, in response to the anticipated Korean cyber-attack, Japanese internet geeks are planning a counterattack, also massive, against South Korean government and civic websites that advocate for South Korean sovereignty over the hotly-disputed Dokdo (Takeshima in Japanese) Islets. Whatever the reasons each side has for cyber-attacking the other, it looks like the next three days are going to be a huge mess on the parts of the internet connecting Japan and Korea. Oh, and did we mention one of the reasons for this dust-up is a female Korean mixed martial artist got beaten up by three Japanese comedians on live TV? It’s never easy between South Korea and Japan, is it? (The Korea Times – Japan-Korea Cyber-War This Monday) For details on the Korean martial artist vs. Japanese comedians incident, click over to New American Media.