The Korean Island Guardsman – The Movie!

We can easily see a movie being made about Kim Seong-do, who protects some smaller inlet islands between Korea and Japan. He works alone and is a fisherman, not military. At 72, he curses at fisherman trying to land on the deserted islands to score fish. The Japanese government wants the islands, Korea says it’s there, but it’s in the hands of a policing older man. There’s now patrols and such, but it’s still a strange tale. Here’s three elevator pitches. Horror (yes, island ghosts of dead fishermen or soldiers or even pirates come back to claim the island as theirs from the modern man), thriller (a gun battle of one man vs a special forces team of brigands who also want the islands to house munitions for an illegal war), or even a bromance film (the lone man meets another lone fisherman, perhaps the other is Japanese and they can’t understand each other). Now, someone make this. (LA Times – Lone Korean)