Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Reality Style For the Win

Yes, it was number one at the box office, and actually getting high ratings from some of the most fickle reviewers. The star is the Ape – Caesar. I got to see the behind the scenes build up, the marketing angles, the ideas, and also the worry that this film needed some multi marketing from different angles. Ape films haven’t fared well. Imagine, the Mark Wahlberg Ape film and Congo. The marketing folks believe blog posts, Youtube videos and more will help and ultimately it did, but in the end, it still takes a good film and in this case, it needs perfect effects. No one wants to see that talking ape wearing a costume that looks like it was made by a streetwear designer, and even with some star power in James Franco who gets to be the human face of the project, the real hero is a CGI character. Basically it’s a cartoon that rocked to the tune of 68 million so far. It’ll probably go on to get to that half billion mark once it’s done. The true gift of this is the fact that the series is now really rebooted and will have more films to come, and that will be a true challenge since the sequels always get judged harder than the first film and so forth. But their idea for this first reboot was right. The trend of reality filmmaking that probably stemmed from the reality show popularity, worked again even with this supernatural type of story.


The mashup video also includes clips from the film spliced with docu style footage.