Sperminator Must Pay $27k for his Dirty Sperm Deed

Bummer, but true. Michael Kevin Lallana got 180 days of jail, got out, and now has to pay for his sperm in the water bottle trick. DNA doesn’t lie, and he’s busted as a sex criminal. $27,000 it’s been revealed today. This guy is a freak. (LA Times - Sperminator)

Here’s a bit more and they’re playing the Asian man, white woman card. Old! (Here’s what they look like. It’s obvious who’s the villain. KTLA) “A psychologist serving as an expert witness for the defense said that as a Filipino man, Lallana claimed that he was often disturbed by the thought that Asian women would choose Caucasian men over Filipinos. Lallana also claimed that his own mother preferred–she herself married–a Caucasian.” (ABC – Sex Crime)