Need a Hand With Your iPhone? The Japanese Can Help.

So what kind of protective case do you have for your iPhone? Some kind of protective silicone rubber thing, probably. Oh, the color is likely vibrant and fun, some kind of hot pink or Day-Glo green. Or perhaps you have something more whimsical, a cover that looks like an old NES controller, or a pack of Japanese Black Jack gum, or a vintage Sony Walkman. Well, whatever you have protecting your precious Apple device, it’s doubtful you have anything like this. At the link, have a look at the Dokkiri Hand iPhone accessory. From the images it appears that the most practical thing about this seemingly impractical phone case is that it will keep your iPhone standing up straight and stable when placed on a flat surface. Other than that, this thing stretches the limits of oddness and practicality even amongst the weirdest Japanese consumer products we’ve seen. Yes, it really is strange. But you could have a lot of fun with it playing jokes on people, or at Halloween, or painting its fingernails and giving it fake tattoos. Okay, we’ll stop now. (Technabob – “Handy” Japanese iPhone Case) If you have US $64 and absolutely have to have one of these, you can buy it here.