QuickShot: McDonald’s Happy Setto Transformers in Japan

Here at the Giant Robot San Francisco bureau, McDonald’s was banned last November from selling Happy Meals with toys unless the meal itself contains less than 600 calories. And offers less than 640 grams of sodium and 0.5 grams of transfat. Well as far as we know, there are no such restrictions in Japan, and so the happy movie toy promotions continue unfettered. The latest one is for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, the third Michael Bay entry into the big-screen Transformers mythos. At the link, you will get a detailed look at the sweet, sweet Happy Meal toys McDonald’s Japan is shelling out with their kiddy meal offerings. Our personal favorites are the three transformers disguised as McDonald’s menu items, a burger, a shake, and a regular fries. And if you were lucky enough to have been at a McDonald’s in Japan on July 30th and 31st, you could have picked up a special promotional DVD with your Happy Setto meal and toy. We will be looking for the DVD on eBay soon. (Crunchy Roll – Happy Setto Transformers)