A New Film for You – True Adolescents

The little film that could! Coming to your town soon!

This indie-to-the-core film was recently a Critics’ Pick in The New York Times. It is currently showing in Brooklyn through Aug. 5. Don’t live out here? It will be out on Aug. 30 on VOD, digital and DVD!

The incredible cast includes Mark Duplass, Bret Loehr, Carr Thompson, Linas Phillips, Davie-Blue, Laura Kai Chen and Melissa Leo. Writer and director Craig Johnson, DP Kat Westergaard and editor Jennifer Lee have created a hilarious film that hits the viewer on a much deeper level, too. I know I will be feeling the highs and lows again as I put away some bacon-fat popcorn and fender dogs at the reRun Gastropub Theater. Now wipe off your fingers and click on the trailer!