Sunday QuickShot: How to Make Calpico!

Let’s just be honest: Calpico is delicious. Our personal favorite is the good old original flavor. And the white peach. And the strawberry. And the lychee. And the mango. And the aloe. And…well, you get the idea. Calpico originated in 1919 in Japan and marketed as Calpis, the name still used there today. If you’re already a fan of Calpico/Calpis, then you likely have your own favorite flavor and have introduced this silky nectar to your friends and family. If you have never tasted this wonderful dairy-based soft drink, all you need to do is get to your local Japanese or Korean market and pick up a bottle. Actually, because Calpico’s global popularity seems to be growing, almost any Asian market is likely to stock it these days. But wait, what if you live someplace where there are no Asian markets, or where such markets don’t carry Calpico? Never fear, there is a solution. A solution of yogurt, sugar, water, citrus and citric acid, actually. At the link you’ll find a quick and easy recipe for making Calpico at home, with ingredients that are easy to find. This recipe should be especially fun for long-time Calpico fans, who can use it to make different fruity Calpico flavors which have never been manufactured. We were thinking of blueberry. (Japan Style – How to Make Calpico)