Comic Con Photo Wrap Up

Comic Con 2011 is over, and now that some are recovered, here’s a look back into what we saw at the Giant Robot Booth. The best moments are always ones that don’t make it on camera, and that’s something I always hear about later. So and so stopped by the booth, this or that happened, the flanneled goateed douche stole something. It goes on and on and becomes part of the lore for next year. The little kid we caught stealing and made him cry was priceless. The raver I caught stealing and photographed, another good story. This year, there were thieves thwarted before incident. One street wear douche thought we were asses because we didn’t know where the Upper Playground booth was located, but guess who was the ass? We’ll see what happens next year. I want to thank the booth signers: Kid Koala, Harry Kim, Bonnie Burton, Mari Inukai, David Horvath, and our staff.

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Cosplay is always fun to photograph. Who knows what poses the players will strike. Most of these were shot in and around our booth. There are sets of photos, so be prepared!

Cosplay Thurs

Cosplay Fri 

Cosplay Sat 1

Cosplay Sat 2



Photos from around the booth and beyond





Toys from the Convention Floor


We set up a tiny camera and set it to record while we were setting up and at increments during the weekend, to the break down.