A Chinese Girl’s Scary Commitment to Resembling Anime

Okay, it looks weird. It IS weird. But as far as can be determined from the images and videos, it’s real. It seems a Chinese girl named KOKO has gone to great lengths to change her appearance to that of a skinny, dark-haired and huge-eyed anime character. It’s anyone’s guess as to which of the many thin and frail-looking anime femmes this seriously-committed fan is trying to emulate. But whether this young woman is naturally skinny or had to work at it, her thin appearance is perhaps the most disturbing thing about her. From the scant reports available, the girl’s anorexic and physically unhealthy appearance has many people in China concerned for her health and well-being, which you’ll find quite understandable after you see the images at the link. But becoming dangerously thin is a concept that is very easy to understand. Because of the Western obsession with being trim and fit, sometimes to extremes, the process of counting calories and eating sparingly is one with which most of us have some experience. And for some people it gets easy to let that process spiral out of control into a dangerous obsession. But the thing that is harder to understand are this young woman’s eyes. How were they done if the images of her have not been PhotoShopped? If the old cliché that the eyes are the windows to the soul bears some truth, then this Chinese girl is watching Japanese anime 24/7 and is far more committed to cosplay than anyone you might have seen at the Con last week. (Rocket News 24 – Seriously Scary Anime Girl) Additional images of anime girl can be seen here.