In Japan, a First-rate Castle for Secondhand Books

Matsumoto City, Japan, isn’t that big. It only has about a quarter of a million people. But it does boast two rather beautiful castles. One dates from the early 16th century and is a fine example of a Japanese hirajiro flatland castle. The other one dates from 1950 and sells secondhand books. The bookstore is named Seikando, and its owner made a point of building it to look like nearby Matsumoto Castle when that structure underwent five years of major renovations sixty years ago. Other than that, details about the place in English are pretty sparse. But it is a very interesting and cool discovery, and a great example of the wonderful things to celebrate about the differences between other countries and our own. And it may start you wondering if your ordinances and local zoning laws would allow such unusual construction. (Japanese Castle Explorer – Castle For Used Books) A brief description of the bookstore and its history can be found on this independent tourism site.