Jon Moritsugu’s films on Constellation TV.

Jon Moritsugu films on Constellation TV. What is this you ask? We had to do the same thing. You watch a film online and you can also be part of a Q and A with the filmmaker as well. Jon Moritsugu will be available live via webcam. All streaming. 25 tickets per show. Most are 2.99 some that are hosted are 3.99.

Virtual theater / film festival is something different especially with a filmmaker “present”. “I’m sorta excited about it and am curious to see how it goes – good timing cuz if anyone checks out TERMINAL USA on Comcast on-demand in July, they can also get at my other films too. I wanted to piggyback offa the comcast deal.”

“Constellation just did that Doctors w/o borders documentary movie for a week and they got TONS of people watching it… I dunno, this might be the new movie theater of the future since no on is actually leaving their house and going to movie theaters anymore except to see big shit like Avatar.”

Sign up if you’re game to see the underground sensation’s films. Constellation