Want a Look Inside Mysterious North Korea? There’s An App For That

We can’t imagine the hassles to which photographer Eric Lafforgue must have been subjected when he traveled to North Korea to shoot photographs. And yet he did so four times between 2008 and 2010. The result is a virtual tour of over 1,100 images which Fotopedia has collected and synthesized into a free application now available for your iPhone or iPad. We’ve seen some of the images in this app, and they’re stunning. They show moments of color and happiness which one might not expect from within a country known to be so secretive, repressive and dangerous. (The Next Web – North Korea iPhone App) We originally read about this story on North Korea Tech, which is a very interesting website if you have any interest at all in knowing more about the so-called “Hermit Kingdom”. And the app itself is available for free on iTunes.