The Great Meme of China: Floating Officials Tour the World (and the Moon)

FOLLOW-UP—It didn’t take long for the three floating officials of Huili County, China to become a very hot and very funny internet meme. At the time we posted the story about this PhotoShop disaster earlier today, it seemed as if the three Chinese men had only visited the moon and gone wading with dinosaurs. But as you’ll see at the link, they have been so much more active than that. Also at the link, you’ll be able to read a translation of the (China) Southern Metropolis Daily story about the original photo and the apology which was issued for it. It sounds like people got in some hot water for this, but we hope the memes we’ve seen and the ones to come have a humorous and non-damaging impact on the lives of the innocent guys in the original picture. (EastSouthWestNorth blog – Huili Officials’ World Tour)