Fake Salvation-type Army Commander Going to Real-type Jail

Here is your dose of cynical criminal behavior for the week. On Wednesday, Mr. Yupeng Deng of Los Angeles pleaded guilty to forming a fake U.S. Army unit in order to recruit Chinese immigrants and swindle them out of cash which he claimed would be used to secure U.S. citizenships for folks lured into the scam. Deng went so far as to create on office which duplicated an army recruiting center, and he provided his victims with uniforms and fake military IDs. To add insult to the injury of this ugly business, Deng’s original defense of his actions was to claim that everything was a misunderstanding and that his true and harmless intent was to recruit new members for a special forces division of a Salvation Army-type charitable organization, not for the actual U.S. Army. Wait, it gets better. It turns out that Deng is also going to serve part of the three-year prison term to which he pleaded for having child pornography on a computer in his fake military headquarters. So, impersonating a government official, defrauding innocent immigrants, and having a stash of kiddie porn. It just does not seem like three years for this miserable fellow is enough, does it? (WIRED Danger Room – Chinese Man’s Conduct Unbecoming)