Uncensored Internet in China? Yeah, But Only For Foreigners. Maybe.

It does sound like a double standard. China’s government is notorious for its rigorous, sometimes harsh, internet censorship standards. You have likely heard stories about how access to anti-Chinese-government web content and to foreign websites like Facebook and Twitter is monitored and usually blocked. The “fairness” of China’s restrictive internet access policies has always rested in the fact that everyone in the country, both Chinese citizens and foreigners, was affected. However, the city of Chongqing, one of China’s four government direct-controlled municipalities, now plans to offer unrestricted internet access as a way of attracting foreign companies and investment to its Cloud Computing Special Zone. This “zone” is currently under construction, and is intended to be a showcase and development center for Chinese cloud computing technologies. The irony of restriction-free internet access has not been lost on those who monitor China’s government and technology markets. Further irony rests in the fact that apparently Chinese government censors have begun demanding the removal of news reports about both the cloud computing zone and stories related its intended internet access policy. (Computerworld – Uncensored China Internet)