Pixelated 8-bit-inspired High Fashion


We’re going to let the fashion pictures at the link speak for themselves, because they are just so cool. Well, conceptually anyway depending upon your fashion sense. As you can see, Japanese high-fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga has taken the colorful and at times garish colors and pixelated patterns of old 8-bit video games and transferred them to shoes, hosiery, blouses and other clothing items for both women and men. What we find particularly inspired is how the designer has incorporated the chunky, blocky look of old video games into the heels of shoes, and the ragged, low-rez video graphic style into the edges of garment lapels and hems. If you are a vintage video game enthusiast, or a fan of newer retro-styled indie games, then these blocky splashes of vibrant color and earthy background hues will seem both comfortably familiar and yet somehow fresh. But don’t plan on running out to Macy’s or Target to pick up an 8-bit jacket or necktie just yet. Morinaga’s designs are still fresh off the modeling runway, and reportedly rather expensive. (Gamma Squad – Pixelated High Fashions)