Myanmar Mars Michelle Yeoh’s Visit

If Myanmar were a nightclub powered by controversy instead of liquor and dancing, it would be one popular night spot indeed. This time the country is in the news for banning actress Michelle Yeoh from entering. Seems government officials in the former Burma are not too pleased the Malaysian beauty is starring in an upcoming Luc Besson movie about Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. The movie, titled “The Lady”, is reportedly a love story which focuses primarily on Kyi’s enduring relationship with her late husband Michael Aris, and her extraordinarily long house arrest resulting from her humanitarian principles. Although Yeoh is now banned from Myanmar, she has been able to visit the country before, notably last December when she actually met with Kyi herself. Overall, this actually seems like good publicity for “The Lady”, which is set for release this October. But it is too bad Yeoh won’t be able to promote the film in Kyi’s native land. Nevertheless, we can’t wait for this movie and plan to get our tickets early. (BBC News Asia-Pacific – No Myanmar for Michelle)