Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney for iPad2. Ouch.

There is, of course, a spectrum for fans of Apple technology. It ranges from “pretty enthralled” to “deeply, hopelessly in love”. Where the kid in the following story fits in, we’re not entirely sure. Seems a 17-year-old boy from China’s Anhui Province wanted an iPad2 SO badly that he sold his kidney to get one. His story was that he could not afford one of the coveted Apple devices and this surgical solution was the only way he could raise money to buy one. We don’t know what a fresh human kidney is worth on the open market these days, but this youngster got about $3,400 for his. We’d like to say this weird tale has a happy ending, but we’re not exactly sure the kid got the iPad he wanted. Seems his mother called the police after finding out about her son’s actions, and it turns out the kidney surgery was performed at a hospital unqualified to perform it. Seems like a huge mess; but for the record the boy with iPad 2 lust is very, very sorry for the whole incident. (The Shanghai Daily – Kid Swaps Kidney for iPad 2)