White House Antiquities and Art

The White House rooms are each styled and themed with art, mostly paintings of past Presidents and First Ladies. Here’s a collection of art and antiquities themed photographs I shot during the Asian Pacific Islander Celebration. We did get to wander and I couldn’t help but try and document a bit of the art, the sights, and feel, so you can get an idea of what it’s like inside. Take a look at the entire set at the end of the post.


I can tell you that the cluster of paintings of first ladies are in the downstairs room that houses the women’s restroom. The Jackie O painting is amazing. Her outfit is a bit eerie. The painting of her husband below is also different since he’s in deep contemplation with his arms folded. His portrait shows less of his face than any other.


Many rooms have great chandeliers.


This is the red themed room, there’s also a blue and green, adjacent to this room.



The staircase is off limits, but it’s where Barack Obama descended.


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