Miles of Noodles From Monster Ramen Machine

“I bet you’ve never seen ramen flow like water, which is exactly how it moves through these machines.” And following our report on big computers, we now bring you big…..ramen? Well, yeah, because that’s what this other rather large machine does, make ramen. A LOT of it. In fact, this happy noodle machine can make almost 250,000 bags of instant ramen in one eight-hour period. That’s enough to feed an entire city of 120,000 people two meals a day every day this machine is operational. We’re guessing the residents of such a city, even if it were in Japan or China, would get tired of so many instant ramen meals and start hitting the local fast-food burger joints after a week or so. The point is, this big machine is a great example of how food-production engineering is keeping us supplied with one of the world’s most popular and increasingly vital food staples. And at the link, you’ll be able to read a bit more about the actual manufacture of instant ramen, see a video, and get access to several other links to ramen-related topics of interest. (Gizmodo – Very Large Ramen Machine)