They got you and dad in one hit. If you’re 7, male, and live in Japan, you

are freaking out over Gokaiger this weekend, with your newly assembled DX Gokai-oh

and his latest add ons. And your daddy has a tear in his eye. Wait…daddy is buying

as many toys for himself as he is for you! Yes, Toei is getting all ages on board this year.

The 35th anniversary brings dad’s favorite Sentai back, as the current team can

change into any/all of the old guys…yes even the rainbow one and the lady with real hair

sticking out of her helmet are back. Happy fathers day.

Mommy, why is papa crying?

And yes, I have received over 12 emails from fathers living in Tokyo who have

all confessed to me that this show has brought them to tears.

This one is mine.