Amazing China Travel Package!

For most of us, traveling abroad to exotic foreign lands is not the prohibitively-expensive “once in a lifetime” dream vacation that it was for our parents. But jetting off to China, Europe or Japan for any decent length of time is still a fairly pricey prospect compared to, say, shuffling off for a weekend in Vegas or Manhattan. Yet, there are deals to be had if you want to break out your passport and go steep yourself in Asian culture for a time. And if you’ve had hopes of going to China, we found a pretty good deal for you. At the link, you’ll be able to read numerous details about a 10-day China tour offered by a company called smarTours. Depending upon how you pay for the package, you can get 10 days in Beijing and Shanghai for as little as $899, which includes airfare and lodging. Pretty cool, but you only have until July 12th to book your tour so you better move on this quickly. (smarTours – Amazing China Deal)