So, a Chinese Guy Walks into Work Dressed as Iron Man…..

“Wang Xiao Kang stunned his colleagues and upset the security guards with his impromptu showing at the ZTE campus in Shanghai.” Well, showing up to work dressed as a metal superhero seemed like a good idea at the time. And based on the media attention and press coverage Mr. Wang is getting for his stunt, the 25-year-old worker for the ZTE telecommunications corporation was right. At the link, you’ll see video of Wang showing up in his homemade MK 1 suit to warm and enthusiastic responses from his coworkers. Even though this is Shanghai, showing up at work in an Iron Man suit and getting friendly attention for it are not your typical, everyday things. We think it would have been pretty cool to be at work there that day and see this hulking, clanking bit of whimsy walk by our cubicle. Word is, Wang is now working on a Mark III suit, and we can’t wait to see it. (Gizmodo – Iron Man in Shanghai) You can see images of the build process for Wang’s MK 1 suit, as well as newer images for the Mark III suit build – Wang Xiao Kang’s Blog (in Chinese).