3D Printed Bikini – Fits Just Right

“All of the pieces, closures included, are made directly by 3D printing and snap together without any sewing.” At the link, you’re going to learn more than you ever thought there was to know about creating a wearable bikini manufactured using 3D printing technology. If you have read anything about 3D printing, it is kind of a natural progression, really, from using the technology to create models for architecture and special effects to wearable clothing. The 3D bikini is the creation of a company called Continuum Fashion, which was founded by Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel. The bikini itself is made from a special type of waterproof nylon, and digitally mapped in a computer using body scans of the intended wearer for a very precise and comfortable fit. We can foresee a time in the near future when forgetting your favorite swimsuit at home won’t be too big of an inconvenience, if you can just insert some cash into a booth by the beach and have a perfectly-fitted garment scanned and printed our for you. (Next Big Future – 3D Body Scan Bikini) Continuum calls its bikini the N12, and you can read more about it and the company here: Continuum Fashion