Cameron’s Version of “Battle Angel Alita” on Hold

“The 56-year-old said the project had been delayed until after he finishes the two planned sequels to box-office smash ‘Avatar’.” In case you had not heard, James Cameron is a big fan of Japanese manga series “Battle Angel Alita”. As it was with “Avatar”, Cameron waited to begin planning a live-action film of “Alita” until he felt the technology existed to do the sweeping, post-apocalyptic story justice. Well, the success of “Avatar” has apparently put those plans on hold. On Friday, the blockbuster director announced that he wants to finish the two sequels to “Avatar” before he commits fully to bringing the “Alita” movie to the big screen. When he does start helming the live-action manga movie, it will be based upon the first three volumes, and it will be the first of an “Alita” trilogy if successful. Sure, the “Avatar” sequels are something to look forward to, but we think it will be very exciting to see how Hollywood’s biggest big-budget director and the world of Japanese manga science fiction stories mesh. (Belfast [Ireland] Telegraph – Cameron Delays “Battle Angel Alita”)