Bollywood Coming to a PC Near You (If You Live in India)

“Yes. It’s time to get that unlimited download Internet plan.” Too bad this new venture, announced yesterday by Google, is only available in India. Bollywood movies are a lot of cheesy, musical melodramatic fun, and now though Google’s new YouTube Box Office, Indian movie fans will be able to stream the latest Bollywood hits in HD though their personal computers and internet-connected televisions. The downside is that YouTube Box Office is officially sponsored by Intel, which means movie viewers will have to endure short, 15-second ads every ten minutes or so during the course of an average two-hour-long movie. Still, it would be nice to view new flicks like Endhiran comfortably at home without having to rent the DVD, or buy a pirated copy. (CNNGo – Streaming Bollywood) Information about Endhiran is available on IMDb: Android Bollywood.