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Giant Robot Time: 6.21.13 – Yukinori Dehara Figure Exhibition opens next Sat. 6.29 at GR2!

giant robot time: 6.21.13 | art by: sun-min kim   My Neighbor Totoro Plushes Officially licensed Studio Ghibli plushes straight from Miyazaki’s classic film. Uglydoll Superman Babo & Batman Ice-Bat Pre-order your Uglydoll x DC Comics plushes today. Each plush or tag will be signed by Uglydoll creator David Horvath himself. Uglydoll Headwear We’re proud to offer several new and original hats and beanies featuring Babo and Ice-Bat. Uglydoll Uglycon T-shirt| Set Released as part of the everything Uglydoll extravaganza. Yukinori Dehara: Nendo Pro Wrestling June 29 – July 24, 2013 Reception: Saturday, June 29, 6:30-10 PM Giant Robot is proud to host Nendo Pro Wrestling – clay sculptures by Yukinori Dehara. Wrestling culture has been popular throughout contemporary Japanese popular...

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Giant Robot Time: 5.3.13 – Strange Symbiosis opening reception this Sat. 5.4 at GR2

giant robot time: 5.3.13 | art by: iwai shunji     STRANGE SYMBIOSIS MAY 4 – MAY 22, 2013 OPENING RECEPTION: SAT., MAY 4, 6:30-10PM Four Person Group Exhibition featuring Scott Tolleson, Leecifer, J*Ryu and Aaron Brown The world of indie toys and figures have crested and the artists involved are evolving into their own as sculptors, painters, and illustrators while they still do custom figures from time to time. The four involved will demonstrate their development and evolution as fine artists. MORE INFO | FACEBOOK EVENT   First come first serve. Giant Robot is involved with Free Comic Book day via, Uglydolls and Viz” and is giving out other free comics as well. SCOTT TOLLESON NOSELLOTS PLUSHES Super cute argyle-clad...

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Giant Robot Time: 4.26.13 – Iwai Shunji solo exhibition reception this Sat. 4.27 at GR2

 giant robot time: 4.26.13 | art by: iwai shunji    OUT OF THE FILMS PICTURES AND WORK BY IWAI SHUNJI APRIL 27 – MAY 2, 2013 (ONE WEEK EXHIBITION) OPENING RECEPTION: SAT., APRIL 27, 6:30-10PM A solo exhibition of works by director, Iwai Shunji. “Generally, people call me a Director or Filmmaker. However I feel like I’m just a kid who’s having fun. I like drawing, taking photos, writing novels and composing music. This time, I focused on pictures I drew. Please enjoy them.” The exhibition will feature some story board art, drawn by Iwai as well as some of his photographs. Iwai Shunji is scheduled to appear in person at the exhibition reception. There will also be a special screening...

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