On Korean eye jobs–this time on CNN

At the CNN headquarters in Hollywood

My friend/Seoul-based CNN reporter Kyung Lah reported this piece on the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Asia to make Asians look more Caucasian. She asked me to provide critical comments because she couldn’t find any locals that would do it! So I went to the CNN building in Hollywood back in February and answered some questions. The clip is finally airing on cable today, but you can also watch it via the news network’s blog site as well. I look kind of sleepy and probably could have used some eye-opening ssangapul surgery myself, but maybe it’s because this is the third time I’ve provided thoughts on the subject for television. I’d previously done so on Tyra and Dr. Phil (and had makeup and stylists attend to me in those cases). I never aspired to be the go-to guy on Asian eye jobs–each of the programs contacted me–but I think Kyung’s clip is the most comprehensive and investigative and is worthy of a watch. Maybe even a “share”…

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