Bye Giant Robot SF

As you know, we closed Giant Robot SF. After a run of 8 years, it was time to strip the location down to it’s bare bones. It was a challenge, but we got it done.

That’s Mats!? He came to pick up the Stincker machine. He lives in Oakland and it seems like he seldom leaves Oakland.

That’s Goh Nakamura at Halu in Richmond.

Squeezing the lemon. Halu is a great yakitori place. At the end of a long day, it’s the perfect spot. It’s small, it’s funky with the music photos everywhere, and it feels like you walked into a spot in Japan. The food was great too.


At Pizza Orgasmic. What a name… It’s pretty good and people swear by it.

Some tourists from Belgium wanted the sticker off the wall. We cut it off with a blade. It was beat up but they were super happy. That’s my cousin Jon on the right. He helped get that off the wall. He did it for the healthy girl for sure.

That’s Adam. We’re doing a pop up shop at Lost Weekend Video. He’s one of the owners. Adam Pfahler was the drummer for Jawbreaker and when we asked, why did you move from Santa Monica to SF, he sort of nodded his head… Yes. I knew he still wants to be LA, despite the hat he’s wearing.

A sunset in SF looks nice because of the older architecture.

This park ended up being quite awesome. It’s on Arguello street. At sunset time, the small park and the vast grass was nice to walk across. Even the dogs know to take a dump there.

That’s Aya Nakamura. Cousin #16. Like Goh, she also helped out.

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